Vivianne Kaila As a member of Jawa Timur’s Gymnastics Junior Team, Vivianne Kaila, also known as Kaila, performs artistic gymnastics up to an international level. In addition to being a national gymnastics medalist, she is also Puteri Anak Indonesia 2022. She advocates on the value of equality for all as Puteri Anak Indonesia 2022 and contends that every child worldwide ought to have an equal chance to learn and to dream.
Janissary Dewari Model Janissary Cetta Dewari, often known as Jani, is an accomplished person who values the importance of education. She is aso Indonesia's Girl Junior Favorite 2022 and Puteri Anak Indonesia Pendidikan 2022. She is extremely skilled at public speaking and has participated in competitions that have reached an international level.
Mutiara Kinara Mutiara Candra Kinara, also referred to as Kinara, is an aspiring model who also happens to be Puteri Anak Indonesia Pariwisata 2022. Being apart of the entertainment industry, Kinara has also landed her first role in the upcoming film Asrama Puteri. She believes in using her platform to advocate for children’s rights, while promoting tourism in Indonesia.